PhD student and postdoctoral researcher positions in Cybersecurity

The Research Institute of Applied Sciences in Cybersecurity (RIASC) at University of Leon, Spain, is looking for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers to join our research team. The positions require that the employee participates in the teaching and academic activities of the Institute related to the MSc Research in Cybersecurity of the University of León. The teaching duties will be defined according to the candidate experience and Institute needs. These positions will be opened until the current needs of the Institute will be covered.

We are looking for PhD. Students to develop doctoral thesis on cibersecurity. In detail, we are looking for students to work on network security, security events data analysis (i.e., deep learning), and cyber-physics security. Those students interested on developing their thesis on these topics should send their resume (max. 5 pages) as well as a cover letter highlighting their most relevant merits. All candidates have to be in possession of the degree required to be accepted in the PhD. Program at University of León (see section 3.2 aquí).

We are also looking for postdoctoral researchers to provide support or even lead cybersecurity research topics at RIASC. Those candidates interested should send their resume (max. 5 pages) as well as a cover letter highlighting the most relevant merits to the position. In this case, the candidates have to be conducted their doctoral thesis on cybersecurity. The salary will be decided according to the demonstrable merits and experience of the candidate.

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